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Quality first. Always.

With a simple mission to help people feel their best through the power of hemp, we believe quality beings at the source. We work directly with our partner, a family owned and operated farm in Oregon, to create high quality hemp derived products. Our products are hand crafted using only natural ingredients so you can  easily incorporate them into your every day wellness routine.  

Sun Grown on a 70+ Acre Farm

We partner with a small Oregon family farm that only uses organic practices to plant and cultivate their hemp plants on their 70 acres of land. Following Oregon's strict regulations, all plants are tested for cannabinoid content.

Hand Trimmed and Hung Dried

Each and every flower harvested is meticulously hand trimmed to ensure the highest quality. All of the flower is then hung dried for 7 days.

Slow & Gentle Extraction

Our hemp is gently processed using cold and slow food grade ethanol extraction. This is the gentlest form of extraction and ensures all efficacious parts of the plant are maintained. The full spectrum oil is then tested again for residual solvents, pesticides, bacteria, and heavy metal.

Balance mind and body.

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See what others are saying.

I've struggled with pre-sleep anxiety that keeps me up all night and sleep medication makes me feel so drowsy. I was searching for something natural to help my brain relax when it's time to sleep. The Runi is the only thing that's worked for me! It eases me into my sleep and doesn't throw me into hibernation mode either

Jennifer C.

So far I have only purchased the mint, but I have my sights set on mango for my next buy. Pros: 1.The pod has lasted me twice as long as a Juul pod ever did and it's still going! 2.The pen came charged so I didn't have to charge it upon opening 3.Shipping was painless 4.Customer service has been on point!

Mic M.

LOVE that this is rechargeable! It is so convenient having the little USB port, you can charge it anywhere! The colors are so sleek, and the flavor variety is awesome. A very easy way to de-stress literally anywhere.

Lily A.

I immediately unwind and feel soothed each time I use the Runi pen. The vape is mild and very smooth, so no coughing at all. The pods last long and there are many unique flavors. Of the ones I have tried, my favorites are Rose, Peach, and Lavender. The pen also charges fast and is easy to use. It has become a staple in my self-care arsenal!

Cristel B.